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Naskar & Co.

Naskar & Co.




Kishori Mohan Naskar (1923–1988) is ranked among the finest makers of Indian string instruments. (sitar, sarod, surbahar, tanpura) Born in West Bengal, India in 1923, he moved to Bhowanipore (Kolkata) in West Bengal, India at the age of 15 to learn the art of sitar making. There, he took a job in the instrument shop of Makhanlal & sons, where he stayed until opening his own business in 1941.


The shop is now run by his son, Arabinda Roy (Naskar) who was groomed by his father to carry on the family tradition. Like his father, Arabinda is a musician as well as an instrument maker and, like his father, continues to produce excellent instruments with a focus on playability and beauty of sound


Arabinda’s son Krishnendu Roy represents the next generation continuing this illustrious family tradition. He currently helps his father with domestic and international sales and outreach.


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