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Welcome to Musician’s Mall - one of the largest Indian Musical Instrument stores outside India.

There are very few places outside of India where you can find a harmonium for sale that has been carefully tuned and checked to make sure everything is working properly. We have been doing just that for more than forty years, first as the Ali Akbar College Store and now as Musician’s Mall. It usually takes us 3-5 days to prep a hand-tuned harmonium and 7-10 days for an A440. This is to insure the harmonium's stability.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help you choose the best harmonium for your personal needs, be it a portable harmonium such as the Bina 23B kirtan harmonium small enough to take on an airplane as carry-on luggage or a top of the line Paul & Co. 3 reed scale change harmonium. We offer a wide selection of makers and models to match your specific needs, such as Paul & Co., Bina, Paloma, MKS (Manoj/Monoj Kumar Sardar), BB (Bina Music Center) and MM harmoniums (Musician’s Mall) and many different types of harmoniums, such as folding, upright, portable, 2 reed, 3 reed, 4 reed and mini harmoniums as well as a selection of surpeti (also known as a sruti box or shruti box) and scale change harmoniums.

 Many customers call up to ask “What is a harmonium?” A harmonium is a keyboard instrument in which the notes are produced by air pumped through metal reeds by a hand-operated bellows. Please check out our guide to buying a harmonium

To ensure 100% customer satisfaction we offer full insurance on deliveries. Our staff is here to answer your questions about the products, ordering process, payment and after sale service. Our dedicated team will help you to select the best instrument for your needs.

Everything you ever wanted to know about A440 tuning.

Please note that while our Kirtan cases do have loops for a strap we do not include straps.  We have had customers use these straps in the past and had them snap. The last thing we want is to give our customers poor straps that can lead to a broken instrument. Thank you for understanding.

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