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Paul & Co. - Harmonium Maker


Please note : Over the last few months we have noticed a website selling H Paul & Co. harmoniums. H Paul & Co. are not the legendary Paul & Co. harmoniums. Paul babu has no website. Please beware of the quality and shipping of those harmoniums. We have received many complains.

Paul & Co. harmoniums need no introduction. Their harmoniums have been ranked among the finest in the world for generations. They are especially well known for making scale change harmoniums. Musician’s Mall, formerly the Ali Akbar College Store has been importing and selling authentic Paul & Co. harmoniums for over a quarter of a century. You can shop with confidence, knowing that we supply only genuine Paul and Co. instruments. 

   Battakrishna Paul learned the art of harmonium making from his father, the late Sri Kshitish Chandra Paul, a violinist and disciple of Ustad Allauddin Khan. After finishing his schooling, he immediatelyembarked upon a career as a harmonium maker, building on the knowledge he had learned from his father about tuning and the overall construction of the harmonium. With this basic knowledge, he began expanding his vision of what a harmonium should sound like. Paul and Co. harmoniums are acclaimed by many well-known singers for their elegance of sound as well as their durability. Only the finest hard wood is used for the internal construction, which means their longevity is second to none.

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