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The Tanpura (called "tamboura" or "tambura" in South India) is the instrument that provides the characteristic drone background in most Indian Classical Music. Like a sitar, a tanpura has a curved bridge or “jawari” which produces the buzzy sound that characterizes the drone. Most tanpuras have 4 or 5 strings, and are tuned to 2 or 3 different notes. They can make a lovely bouquet of overtones.

There are three groups of tanpuras. Male tanpuras, the largest, are made to match the male singing voice and sound best between B flat and D sharp. Female tanpuras, slightly smaller, sound best about a fifth higher, from F to B. Instrumental tanpuras, the smallest, are made to accompany a stringed instrument like a sitar or sarode, and sound best an octave up from a Male tanpura.

Our selection of tanpuras include Kanai Lal and Sons, MM (our in-house brand) and Miraj makers. 

Each tanpura we sell is thoroughly inspected and setup, including re-stringing and jawari work. These extra steps assure you will get the best tanpura for the price.

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