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Tabla Sets

We are pleased to present our free "Introduction to Tabla" video series. 

A tabla set consists of two drums played together as a single instrument The tabla, is a treble drum tuned to the tonic pitch “Sa” and is generally played with the dominant hand. The baya is a variable pitched bass drum. We offer a variety of sets from a variety of makers that can accommodate anyone from the casual beginner to the serious professional. All sets come with rings, covers, a tuning hammer and soft carrying case. You can also buy individual drums.

Please be aware that when tabla are shipped they often will go out of the pitch you requested. Such factors as temperature, humidity and handling impact the tabla's tuning. If you specified a particular pitch and you received the drum out of tune, it should be a simple matter for you to to tune it. If you are unfamiliar with the tuning process feel free to call or email us for assistance.

 Tabla FAQ

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