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About Us

Musician's Mall - Formerly The Ali Akbar College Store


The desire to set up a store in the US and supply the best quality Indian Musical Instruments to Professionals and Amatuers gave us this opportunity to take over the Ali Akbar College Store in Berkeley. We at Musician's Mall would like to retain the high standards and name created by the Great Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Sahab. We have also been able to retain some of the best craftsmen available in the US for the set up and repairs of these beautiful Instruments. Berkeley is known for it's University, the city is known for it's Music Culture and has quite a few concerts all year around. 


Rishab Bhargava is the Vice-President of Musician's Mall. He runs the business effectively both on the U.S. side and on the Indian side.

Bruce Hamm heads the organisation and is the disciple of the Legendary Ustad Ali Akbar Khan sahab.

Kalyan Godden is an expert in repairs of all Indian Instruments and would be rated the best on the west coast.

Brian Alexander Karvelas plays sitar, guitar and is learning tabla maintenance and repair from Kalyan Godden and Haridas Vahtkar.

Michael Spampinato is an expert Harmonium Tuner and prepper. He studies sitar, surbahar and rudra veena in the Vishnupur tradition.

These master craftsmen would help us in offering best quality Instruments at affordable prices.The store would be selling Best brands from manufacturers such as PAUL & CO.,, BINA, PALOMA, MONOJ SARDAR, MUSICIAN'S MALL, HIREN ROY & SONS, HEMEN & CO., NASKAR & CO., RADHA KRISHNA SHARMA & CO., HARIDAS VHATKAR, MUKTA DAS, SHYMAL DAS, HANIF and many more...

The Bhargava family represents Musician's Mall in the US, we have an experience of 50 years in the trade and assure every customer of satisfaction. All these Musical Instruments are handcrafted and will be selected prior to shipping to the US.

As promised, we have recently introduced a range of guitars, including some fine Manuel Rodriquez Spanish guitars.

Our company has been a distributor cum retailer of Musical Instruments and have the support and backing of every major manufacturer in India. We hope and aim to offer consistent quality to our valued customers.  

We were commonly known as the Ali Akbar School of Music Store and Ali Akbar College of Music Store.