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NEW! Our Sitar Overview!

Welcome to the finest selection of sitars from makers such as Kanai Lal and Sons, Ajay Rikki Ram, MM (our in-house brand) and Miraj makers. We stock both the Ravi Shankar style sitar (Kharaj/Pancham) and Vilayat Khan style sitar (Gandhar/Pancham). We pride ourselves on our 60 years in the business.

Unlike cheap sitars, the sitars we sell will each be thoroughly inspected and setup. In addition to tuning the sitar, it will be restrung, the sitar frets polished and adjusted, pegs fine fit and chalked. These extra steps assure you will get the best sitar you can buy for the price.

All sitars come with either a gig bag or hard case, extra strings and mizrabs. Please browse below to see our selection of the best sitars for sale.

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