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International Shipping Details - Sitar

With UPS we can now ship a sitar (via UPS Air Freight) to most countries in Europe and Asia.

  • Once we receive your order, it will take us a few days to prep the instrument.
  • You should receive the instrument within 2 weeks after we ship it.
  • You must provide a business address.
  • The instrument will be delivered to the international airport closest to you. (For an extra fee, it can be delivered to your home)
  • You must arrange to pick up the instrument.
  • You must deal with the customs, duties and taxes that apply to your country.

Please note that there are no returns on international shipping. We pack all instruments with the utmost care - as we have for 35 years, and all instruments are fully insured. If you have any questions or problems with an instrument after you receive it, our experts can talk or Skype with you.

Feel free to contact us to clarify details of your unique situation.