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All New Tanpuras 15% Off Thru Dec 31, 2019 While Supplies Last

The Tanpura (called "tamboura" or "tambura" in South India) is the instrument that provides the characteristic drone background in most Indian Classical Music. Like a sitar, a tanpura has a curved bridge or “jawari” which produces the buzzy sound that characterizes the drone. Most tanpuras have 4 or 5 strings, and are tuned to 2 or 3 different notes. They can make a lovely bouquet of overtones.

There are three groups of tanpuras. Male tanpuras, the largest, are made to match the male singing voice and sound best between B flat and D sharp. Female tanpuras, slightly smaller, sound best about a fifth higher, from F to B. Instrumental tanpuras, the smallest, are made to accompany a stringed instrument like a sitar or sarode, and sound best an octave up from a Male tanpura.

Our selection of tanpuras include Hemen, Hiren Roy (Barun Ray), Manoj Kumar Sardar and Miraj tanpuras.

Each tanpura we sell is thoroughly inspected and setup, including re-stringing and jawari work. These extra steps assure you will get the best tanpura for the price.

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