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BINA® MUSICAL STORES was established over FIFTY years ago. The founders of BINA® MUSICAL STORES have always listened to what the customer wanted rather than tell him what they had to offer, because of which our instruments are popular for their ease of use and adaptability to any environment. This is evident from the variety of models that we offer for every instrument to suit everyone’s needs and requirements.

The production facilities of BINA® MUSICAL STORES include cutting, polishing, carpentry, tuning, and packing, all under one roof. Since many years Bina is a popular name in harmoniums because of the many portable instruments they make. 

Being the pioneers in the art of making the Harmonium, because of which BINA® is a household name in music circles, we have diversified, and can now boast of an impressive array of musical instruments in our product line to compliment the discerning musician. Only the best of seasoned woods are used for all our instruments, which give them the exceptional tonal quality that they are now famous for.

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