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The sarode is the instrument popularized by Ustad Ali Akbar Khan. Commonly written as "sarod", we prefer to spell it as "sarode” to reflect its correct pronunciation.

Carved from a block of wood with a goat skin belly and polished steel fingerboard, the sarode can produce long, sustained slides. The right hand plectrum, called a "jaba", is made of coconut shell. Of the 25 strings, 4 are melody strings and the rest are rhythm and sympathetic strings.

We stock a full line of sarodes from Naba, Kanai Lal & Sons, Manoj Kumar Sardar, and Radha Krishna Sharma. 

Unlike cheap sarodes, the instruments we sell are fully inspected and setup. Your sarode will be restrung, the fingerboard cleaned/polished, pegs fine fit and chalked. These extra steps assure you will get the best sarode you can buy for the price. 

Musicians Mall USA also sells dotars, the little cousin of the sarode. Built in a style similar to the sarode, the dotar is much smaller and can also serve as an ideal travel instrument. 

Please browse below to see our selection of the best sarodes and dotars for sale.

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